We Help Companies Interrupt And Correct Implicit Bias In The Workplace
Let Us Equip You With Tools To Interrupt Bias
Bias Interrupters is an evidence-based model that provides solutions. It interrupts the constant transmission of bias in basic business systems, which leads to more diverse and better performing workplaces. Bias Interrupters change systems, not people.

Develop Metrics

Develop key metrics to pinpoint where bias exists and assess the effectiveness of your bias interrupters.

Implement Bias Interrupters

Choose from our menu of Bias Interrupters. Implement small changes to your existing systems.

Repeat as Needed

Do your key metrics show change? If not, you may need a stronger Bias Interrupter. Use an iterative process until your metrics improve.
Bias interrupters are tweaks to basic business systems (hiring, performance evaluations, assignments, promotions, and compensation) that interrupt implicit bias in the workplace, often without ever talking about bias. We offer menus of bias interrupters that organizations can implement into their business systems, as well as steps that individuals can take to help level the playing field in their workplace.

TED Talk:

Why Corporate Diversity Programs Fail— and How Small Tweaks Can Have a Big Impact

Need Assistance Implementing Bias Interrupters? We can help.
Need Assistance Implementing Bias Interrupters? We Can Help.

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