New Report: Pinning Down the Jellyfish: The Workplace Experiences of Women of Color in Tech
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About the Model

Bias Interrupters Model

Despite decades of bias training and organizational change initiatives, women hold just 15% of high-level positions in most industries, a figure that’s scarcely budged since the 1990’s. People of color hold less than 5% of Fortune 500 CEO positions.

It’s time to go beyond just talking about the problem of workplace bias. Bias Interrupters is an evidence-based model that provides solutions. By taking small steps, Bias Interrupters can yield big changes.

Learn how your organization can get involved. Join us in leading a paradigm-shifting approach to creating fair and diverse workplaces.

What’s a Bias Interrupter?

Bias Interrupters are tweaks to basic business systems (hiring, performance evaluations, assignments, promotions, compensations etc.) that correct bias in the workplace, often without ever saying the word “bias”. As evidenced by the frustrating lack of progress on diversity, attempts at organizational change that rely on elaborate “culture change” initiatives have produced limited results. What’s needed are evidence-based tweaks that disrupt the constant transmission of bias in basic business systems. Bias Interrupters change systems, not people.

Increase Diversity with Bias Interrupters

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