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Ensuring Fair Access to Opportunities Workshop

Refer to the scenarios below while in breakout rooms.

Scenario #1:

A manager is considering assigning a high-profile project to one of their team members.

Teammate 1 always does these types of important tasks, and they always do a great job.

Teammate 2 is seen by many on the senior leadership team as having high potential. However, the manager is concerned that this teammate might not have the ability to execute this high-profile assignment since they’ve never done it before.

What are some strategies the manager can utilize to allocate the high-profile project to a wider group?

Scenario #2:

You notice that one of your direct reports is doing more than her fair share of administrative tasks. When you bring this up, she says that she doesn’t mind doing it and feels that she “enjoys doing it.”

Have a conversation about how this may be impacting her career advancement and how you two can work together to transition her out of this role and take on more stretch assignments.

Scenario #3:

A manager needs to pick a leader for a new and exciting project:

  The top contender is a teammate who has all the qualifications and is seen as the go-to employee for technical assignments, but they’ve never had a chance to lead a team. The manager is worried that training someone new to lead a team will be too time-consuming, and that this teammate might not be ready for such an important task.

What should the manager do? What strategies can help transition this teammate into a leadership role

Scenario #4:

In your group, talk about the barriers you run into when trying to track and allocate career-enhancing assignments to a wider group of employees.

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